We will provide you with convenient professionals

Concrete projects are connected with specific requirements and demands. Our company has a network of experts with various specializations, who are ready to solve them for you. Whether you lack your own resources or you are in occasional need of capacities, our team of highly professional specialists will ensure the implementation of your projects. You can engage either individuals or the whole teams.

Advantages of engaging a specialist or a team:

  • costs known in advance, guaranteed by the contract
  • expenses limited in time – you will pay the specialist / team only for the period of their services
  • passing of knowledge from the specialist to your working team
  • choice from a wide pool of specialists with rich experience from various areas
  • reducing costs of recruitment, education and bonuses for your own experts

We will create a software program tailored to your needs

Our clients operate primarily in the telecommunication and financial service sectors. Therefore, we are aware that the core of that business is largely dependent on the efficiency and reliability of employed information and communication technologies. They determine the pace and success of your business plan implementation. Sufficient technical and human resources conforming to the project specifics are indispensable in such cases.

We have long experience with software development tailored to our clients’ particular needs. Thanks to the flexibility, quality and reliability of our professional team, we have won not only their confidence but also repeated favour.

Whatever the software needs for your project implementation are, we will provide you with the necessary tool – a reliable software program tailored to your requirements with the warranty of maintenance and upgrade.

We will take care of your information system

The development, operation and upgrading of information systems and IT applications are time consuming. They often require a great number of experts and, thus, they represent a substantial burden to the company in terms of human resources.

  • Utilizing the service of our company specialists is a more effective solution as regards both time and personnel. We can take care of the development of applications and information systems for you, as well as of their maintenance, upgrade or both.
  • You will know the price and level of provided services in advance. Depending on your needs, you can entrust your systems and applications to our care partially or completely.
  • We will ensure their faultless function so the members of your team can fully focus on their work without any trouble.
  • Place your systems into our hands and we will make sure they facilitate your company operation instead of burdening it.
  • Let our specialists enter your IT world and form an effective, functional team in collaboration with your people.

Digital integration HUB (DIH)

Moving from a discrete array of task-specific tools to an integrated set of functionalities.

Digital Integration HUB (DIH) is generally advanced application architecture as a set of data stores, APIs, utilities, tools, rules, defining how to approach data persistent layers an that aggregates multiple back-end system of record data sources into a low-latency and scale-out, high-performance data store. DIH is also enabler for flexible reporting, data analysis and machine learning.


Main DIH implementation benefits

DIH basically allow company for fast building of new products and services, cause you never know what we will sell and bill the customer for. At the same time, the whole architecture should allow for stable user friendly and reliable environment. And also:

  • Decoupling the back-end data sources from the front-end API services to allow multi-channel communication.
  • Protect systems of record from excessive, low-value API workloads
  • Enable front-end APIs to access multiple back-ends
  • Maintain an up-to-date, consolidated picture of fast changing data
  • Keep cost of integration tasks on reasonable low level.
  • Provide a responsive, low-latency, 24/7 API experience

DIH concept according to Gartner

By Gartner definition DIH is: “an advanced application architecture that aggregates multiple back-end system of record data sources into a low-latency and scale-out, high-performance data store”.

DIH Key Features

The high performance datastore

The (hybrid) integration platform (including API Gateway)


Look at in-memory computing technology for high scale and low latency

  • Holds a consolidate copy of the back-end data (data replication).
  • Single view of customers, products, prices, itineraries, students and patients.
  • Synchronized with one or multiple system of record applications and data sources.
  • Low-latency/scale-out/high-availability.

Adopt a suitable mix of integration technologies (one may not be sufficient!). Keeps the high-performance data store and back-ends in synchro.

  • Unidirectional:
    • Back-end to HP data store
  • Bidirectional:
    • Back-end to HP data store
    • Hp data store to backends

Add analytical capabilities to increase the business value of DIH. Data in the high-performance data store can also be used for analytics:

  • Search
  • Data visualization
  • Predictive analytics
  • At times, the primary adoption driver

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