Privacy Policy


You give by this act the authorization to the company GSW Development s.r.o., with its registered office at Praha 8, Kobylisy, Přemyšlenská 455/38, Post Code 182 00, ID no.: 272 51 900, registered in the commercial register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, insert 107744 (hereinafter referred to as the Administrator) to handle and work with following personal data according to the order of the European Parliament and Counsel (EU) No. 2016/679 regarding the personal protection referred to the personal data handling and distribution and the cancellation of the instruction No. 95/46/ES (general instruction regarding the personal data protection) – hereinafter referred to as the Instruction :

  • First Name, Family Name
  • E-Mail
  • Phone Number
  • Company name (when exists)


The handling with the personal data – first name, family name, company name, phone number and e-mail is possible only with reference to your authorization and it is necessary for the commercial activities of the Administrator. The Administrator will delete all data until 10 years after receipt.

You are giving the explicit authorization to the above mentioned handling of your personal data. The authorization is consensual and voluntary. It is possible to cancel your authorization e.g. by sending of the e-mail to or by registered post.


The handling with the personal data is provided by Administrator. It could be provided also by other authorized suppliers. Such authorized suppliers are not used by the Administrator actually.


The Administrator collects at his websites following cookie files.

Cookies are small files that enables to the website to remember the actions and set up of particular users. Due to that these actions and set ups need not to be repeated. Cookie files are stored in particular computers through web browser. Cookies do not represent any risk, are not used for collection of any personal data, but they are important for privacy protection. Cookies are not used for neither website user identification nor user login data.

Other group of cookies are the cookies of third parties, e.g. Google Analytics for the measurement of the website attendance.

You as the user have the right to refuse cookies. If you allow through your web browser the using of the cookies, we will understand and think, that you agree with the standard cookie using at our websites.


Take please into the consideration that you have the right according to the Instruction:

  • To withdraw your authorization at any time.
  • To ask for the information which your personal data are collected and processed.
  • To ask for copy of the personal data processed.
  • To ask for the access to your personal data, for the actualization of your personal data or for the limitation of the handling with your personal data.
  • To ask for the erase of your personal data.
  • For the transfer of your personal data.
  • In case of any doubt regarding the handling with your personal data to make the complaint to the Bureau for personal data protection.